Authentic Adventure


so much to do, make more time



Particular attention is given to activity based, adventure loving, comfort seeking, nature tourists who want to have an authentic experience in the comfort of our home-from-home.


For your pleasure, Kaingo offers an extensive list of activities from which to choose. Whether game drive, bush walk, sunset river cruise, or a private dinner for two, there is never enough time to exhaust the many ways there are to love this place.


Just a few things to start your planning:


At Kaingo, I (the visitor) can…


  • Head out on foot for a bush walk with my experienced field guide
  • Drink a glass of South African wine on safari while watching the sunset
  • Take an African 'selfie' at my favourite animal sighting
  • Sit on the rock smoothed by a thousand years of bushman bums and admire their rock art
  • Take at least one picture of an African sunset and sunrise
  • Take a walk around the lodge and learn at least 5 new tree names
  • Take a memorable African safari picture with loved ones
  • Take an unhurried cruise on the Mokolo River
  • Lie back and look up at the amazing star filled sky and spot some shooting stars
  • Have a picnic in the bush whilst the antelope graze nearby
  • Enjoy expertly crafted cuisine in the shade of a Marula tree





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